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Billy Bauer Autobiography - Sideman

The Autobiography of Billy Bauer


The purpose of writing a book is to leave something for the next generation. This is how you contribute to civilization. Whether it's good or bad doesn't matter. You are your own creation. What you did might be of some interest to someone. I am an ordinary person who worked my whole life and gained a lot of experience. I'm thankful I was able to do many different things from solos to big bands, club dates, record dates, radio, television and theatre.

This story, as I see it, is how I used my body and soul and what happened to me. I am now eighty-one years old. If you see anything in my life that can enlighten you, please make it yours. I don't remember anything that I purposely used (maybe a phrase here and there) but when I said it, I used my own talent to express it, with my own sound and feeling and mistakes. Of course there is a certain amount of 'luck' or 'fate' that happens to certain people. In my case I happened to be at the right place at the right time. It was like being on a Baseball Team with great players and that year they won the World Series.

It is important to know a person's childhood environment. When you are very young, two or three years old, you only know what is in your environment; the way your people think, the way they live. There is a saying 'from whence he came.' You can curb those influences but you never get rid of them entirely.

Music gave me my education; a chance to travel and meet many kinds of people. Music gave me the opportunity to learn how to study my whole life.


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