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Listen to samples of Warne Marsh's music from this book...

Cork 'n' Bib

Sound Lee

Hi, Beck


Jazz Lines by Lee Konitz
Alto Sax


Songs Included
No Splice

Ice Cream Konitz
Nursery Rhyme
Hi Beck
Kary's Trance
Cork 'n' Bib

All the tunes in this collection have been recorded - used in conjunction with the recordings, I feel this kind of material can be useful in developing a jazz conception.

In order to get the full impact of the music, it must be listened to and perceived through the senses - then practiced to gain technical facility. If I were learning these lines, I would sing with the record for a while - then sing away from the record until I began to be very familiar with the music.

I would then begin to play it - very slowly with a metronome to develop an even time feeling.

I would play the lines very legato; finally I would gradually increase the tempo until I knew the music in my head. Also with a line like "Cork'n Bib," it's fun to play it in all the keys.

There are many different ways to approach this material - the important thing is to have a good time doing it.

Lee Konitz
October 1957


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