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The Guitar Instructor Series by Billy Bauer


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As an instructor I realized most other instrumentalists learned their scales and exercises by reading them. Guitarists generally play without looking at the notation and as a result they have difficulty with the hand-eye coordination necessary to sightread music.

A good reader must SEE IT! HEAR IT! and PLAY IT! simultaneously. With these WARM-UPS you will SEE the pitches and durations. I want you to think of the letter names and then say them out loud. count the beats and SWING so you always know what beat you are on. Use dynamics to accent the first and third beats. Listen and follow the tape. Then get on your own with a metronome. HEAR your timbre. These scales and exercises are an excellent opportunity to develop your own sound. When you know what the music says and you know where it is on your instrument you stand a better chance of PLAYING!

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