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The Guitar Instructor Series by Billy Bauer


59 Pages

Analyzing a standard progression by reading basic musical studies and exercises.

"THINGS" is a reading study using the simplest materials such as scales, triads, and four part harmony (melodically and harmonically) to analyze a standard progression. You should know what you are reading. In this progression the major key centers will be Ab-C-Eb-G-E and B. You will also study E harmonic minor, F harmonic minor and jazz minor. C whole tone and B diminished scales.

This book is for READING! It uses basic materials to analyze the structure of the chord progression for improvisation. READ slowly and keep your eyes on the music. Be able to recognize what you see while you are playing. A good sight reader must see the pitches and duration(rhythm); simultaneously find the notes on the fingerboard and play with dynamics and expression.

Give it a chance!

Make it Musical!

"Oh! It don't mean a thing if it don't SWING!"

Billy Bauer



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