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The Guitar Instructor Series by Billy Bauer
Four Part Harmony



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Part 1 (47 pages)
Part 2 (37 pages)
Part 3 (41 pages)
Part 4 (51 pages)

Most instrumentalists that I know began their studies reading notation. Guitarists who start out reading, find some way of talking to their instructors into showing them diagrams, tablature and finger patterns. They end up not knowing what pitches they are playing, or the chord spellings or the rhythms. Even the scales become rote finger patterns.

I wrote out every chord, exercise, scale, mode and interval into musical notation. I believe if we just keep looking at the music, we'll be able to think the pitches and rhythms while we are playing. We will also be able to write what we play. What's wrong with that?

In the "Notes From The Instructor" I analyze the material. If you train the mind to think of everything you're doing it has to be better. You'll KNOW what you are DOING! You'll be learning the theory by DOING - not just talking about it.

Billy Bauer



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