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Ballet School by Billy Bauer


This music was written for my wife Marion's Ballet School demonstration performed June 1963. Numbers I to VII were used for bar exercises. Numbers VIII to XII were used for floor work.

A note for the Guitarist -- all the material was played finger style except for I, XI and "First Motion" where a pick was used.

This music was recorded in my house on a steel string D'Angelico Excel cutaway with a DeArmond pickup. Most of the music can be played on a classical guitar. Some of the pitches in the higher range will be very challenging if not impossible.

Listen to the CD (one piece at a time) while reading the notation until you can almost sing the themes. Then pick up the guitar and learn how to finger the music. At least you know what it should sound like. After you can play them... go back and look at the notation. Finger the guitar in your mind.


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