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About Lennie Tristano

Born: 3/19/1919 Chicago

Died: 11/18/1978 New York

Jazz pianist of highest caliber, teacher of improvisation,
leader, father and man of high mindedness. Those who
knew him well say he was truly dedicated to the purity
of his art form.

Lennie Tristano's outstanding musical contributions were
summarized by Richard Tabnik and Lenny Popkin
in www.lennietristano.com below:

  • Forerunner of locked hand chords for piano

  • Improvised counterpoint

  • Founder of first School of Jazz in New York City 1951

  • Free form jazz playing without chord progressions and time signatures

  • Combined several time signatures and keys played simultaneously

  • Founded Jazz Records - first independent jazz record company

  • Composed Requiem, one of few Jazz pieces dedicated to Charlie Parker

  • Encouraged women Jazz pianists

  • First true improvisation teacher - teacher of the "whole player" concept

  • Taught to hear and feel intuitively and to practice and study diligently

  • Encouraged salon work "honest music" in small intimate settings

  • Continued tradition of Jazz as spontaneous improvising playing what you hear and feel





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