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About Lee Konitz

Born: 10/13/1927, Chicago

Internationally acclaimed alto saxophonist, leader and father began
playing professionally in his early twenties. He studied and played
with Lennie Tristano, Jerry Wald and Claude Thornhill's bands. Later
in his career, he celebrated and was a forerunner in the cool school of Jazz.

Lee Konitz's Jazz benchmarks:

  • Performed with Miles Davis in the nonet performances

  • Traveled and influenced European Jazz in the 50's

  • History placed him with the greatest jazz players of the time Kenton, Hass Koller, Tristano, Claude Thornhill and Miles Davis

  • Lee touched and influenced other Jazz musicians world-wide through taped lessons and duet series for Music Minus One

  • Performance area is Europe, Japan and New York

  • Solo work ranged from bop to free Jazz form

  • 1970's freelanced in Europe with Shelley Manne and Evans and other distinguished players

  • 1990's Lee's European freelancing was prolific

  • 1992 Lee Konitz was awarded Danish Jazzpar Prize for his cool style of Jazz playing

  • His distinguishing musical goal was to take contrapuntal approach to group improvisation

  • Lee stands out in history for differentiating himself from Charlie Parker's style. Lee's style was smooth, harmonically rich and executed with metric like precision. Later he embellished his musical style with elements of blues and bop.






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