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About Billy Bauer

Born: 11/14/1915, New York

Died: 6/17/2005, Melville New York

Internationally respected Jazz Guitarist. Billy Bauer was
a musician, father, husband, publisher and
master instructor.

Billy evolved with the jazz movement of his time --
from swing to be-bop to cool to avante-garde to
"free jazz" with outstanding musicianship. Pioneered
in taking the guitar out of the purely rhythmic to an
intricate chordal melodic styling. His large life was
dedicated to his art form seeking creative, authentic
music expression through his guitar.

Highlights of his musical life:

  • Professional banjo player broadcasting on the radio at age 14

  • Changed to guitar in early 30's

  • Early credits Jerry Wald, Woody Herman's First Herd, Benny Goodman and Jack Teagarden 1941-46

  • Player of Be-bop with cool school stylist Lennie Tristano, Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh

  • Historical "Free Jazz" explorations and soloist on Tristano's recordings Intuition and Digression 1949

  • Recipient of several Down Beat and Metronome Magazine Awards

  • Recorded with Metronome All-Stars 1947-1953

  • Founded William H. Bauer Publishing Co. 1951 - dedicated to the preservation of Jazz transcripts of Lennie Tristano, Lee Konitz, and Warne Marsh and guitar instructional texts.

  • Served as an ABC staff orchestra guitarist

  • Freelance recording with the greatest players of all time

  • Leader of no-sittin' in jam sessions 1961-63 at Sherwood Inn, New Hyde Park, Long Island, New York with the finest swing and bop players of the day

  • Master guitar instructor for over 35 years at Billy Bauer's Guitar School in Roslyn Heights, Long Island, New York developed THE GUITAR INSTRUCTOR SERIES available on this website

  • Only solo album Plectrist

  • Known as one of the most progressive jazz players of his time or any era

  • Published autobiography Sideman in 1997 for future generations







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